Posted by: SJS | December 31, 2022

Ukrainian soldiers dancing in the New Year

If Ukrainian fighters on the front lines can take a few a few moments away from the constant stress of war to do some dancing then we can surely follow their example of bold joy as we head into the new year of 2023. With their spirits unbroken and their focus set firmly on defending their country, the Ukrainians are showing the world what it means to go all out for freedom, democracy, and taking care of their families and fellow citizens.

Check out the flood of exuberant, exhilarating videos on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet of Ukrainian men and women dancing their hearts out–even as artillery battles rage in the background. For an extra dose of optimism and encouragement as we cross into a new year, there’s nothing better than a Ukrainian happy dance in the face of brutal terror and Russian savagery.

Best wishes for a happy, health 2023 to everyone.

Glory to Ukraine!


  1. Yes, indeed! Thank you, and Happy New Year.

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