Posted by: SJS | October 30, 2022

Their fight is our fight — so VOTE!

As the valiant, determined armed forces of Ukraine continue their fight against a cruel, ruthless enemy that targets civilians and critical infrastructure in its efforts to wipe their country off the map, it is good to remember that the Ukrainian people are fighting for the values that we hold dear as Americans–democracy and freedom. The willingness of the Ukrainian fighters to lay their lives on the line in this titanic struggle has been demonstrated time and time again.

Despite the enormous losses they have absorbed, the Ukrainian people have never wavered in their resolve expel the Russians from every inch of their sovereign territory. The morale of the Ukrainian fighters has been high since the first hours of this war in February. They know exactly what they are fighting for and, in contrast to the Russian forces they confront, the Ukrainians have not one shred of doubt about the rightness of their cause.

As we enter into this election season, I urge everyone who reads this blog to make sure to vote. Our right to vote in free and fair elections is the bedrock of our democracy and our most precious right as citizens. The brave people of Ukraine are giving us, and the whole world, a powerful lesson on paying the cost for preserving democracy and guarding freedom. When you go to the polls or mail in your vote this year take a moment to consider how fortunate we are as Americans and recommit yourself to doing everything in your power to ensure that we maintain the freedoms that we have and hold dear.

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