Posted by: SJS | May 14, 2022

Giving as good as they get

The armed forces of Ukraine are making good use of the enhanced ballistic weaponry they are receiving from the US and other western governments. Ukraine is now on the verge of matching the long-range firepower that the vile Russians have been using against their country since the war began in late February. We will soon begin to hear that the Ukrainians are blasting military and supply targets inside Russia with regularity.

It is now time for Russia to get a taste of what their nation has been doing to Ukraine. Paybacks are hell and hell is already coming to Russia. After demonstrating their devastating ability to destroy Russian naval vessels on the open sea, we may be sure that stationary land targets in Russia will soon be turned into massive fireballs.

Bring it on, Ukraine! Teach Russia what Union General William T. Sherman taught the Confederacy in 1864. Some lessons are only learned the hard way.

PT 131 with rocket launchers on deck

When the US Navy began to install rocket launchers on the PT boats in 1944, it quickly became a game changer. Like the Ukrainian fighters, the PT crews quickly used the ballistic weapons to deadly effect against their larger, better armed adversaries. Adding rockets to their speed, stealth, and military savvy, the PTs became even more aggressive and lethal.

Give as good as you get.

Glory to Ukraine!


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