Posted by: SJS | May 8, 2022

Russian warship, Admiral Makarov, hit by Ukraine

The Admiral Makarov in better days

Recent reports indicate that Ukrainian Neptune missiles have hit the Russian frigate, The Admiral Makarov, in the Black Sea not far from Snake Island. A second major Russian warship is now ablaze and likely to sink. For a nation with minimal naval resources, the Ukrainian armed forces are demonstrating as much military prowess on the sea as they are showing on land and in the air. With the massive supplies of ballistic weapons now flooding into Ukraine from the West, the intrepid Ukrainian military forces will continue to shred the bumbling, hapless Russian military that is clearly overmatched, outclassed, and demoralized.

I can’t wait to see what the Ukrainians have in store for Putin and all of Russia as they get ready to celebrate “Victory Day” tomorrow, May 9th, to mark the defeat of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II. My guess is that Ukraine is about to turn Russian “Victory Day” upside down and teach those vile war criminals a lesson they will never forget. “Victory Day” will never be quite the same after what Ukraine has been doing to Russia every day since this horrific, unjustified war was launched by the demented, bloodthirsty tyrant, Putin, with the acquiescence of the vast majority of his fellow Russians.

They will be paying for their crimes against humanity for at least five generations.

For this son of a distinguished PT veteran, the spirit and savvy of the Ukrainian military have given me new insights into the fighting spirit that animated the PT crews of WWII in the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. Wow! Just like what we’re seeing in Ukraine today, those PT crews were indomitable, brash, and badass. ,

Glory to Ukraine!


  1. I am sure they have something in store for their ironic “special operation day”.

    History is unfolding before our eyes and lots of people don’t see it yet.

    • You are so right. Thanks, Pierre.

    • You are so right, Pierre! Merci.

  2. Amen!

    • And AMEN again! Thanks.

      • You are welcome!

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