Posted by: SJS | May 3, 2022

Russian “PT boats” going down

Russian Raptor class boat

Late news reports indicate that the savvy armed forces of Ukraine have sent two Russian Raptor boats to the bottom of the ocean. These small attack craft are modeled after the legendary American PT boats of WWII. But it looks like the Ukrainian gunners have drawn a bead on these Russian knock offs and are dispatching them one after another. Picking off small, highly mobile craft is a tribute to the skill and competence of the Ukrainian artillery batteries.

Ukrainian Neptune missile hunting Russian ships

May those intrepid Ukrainian gunners clean the sea of every Russian Raptor boat, sharpening their aim in preparation for going after the larger Russian vessels–the ones firing on Ukrainian cities with no shred of human decency or mercy.

I hope that the Ukrainians sink every Russian warship–and soon.

Glory to Ukraine!


  1. The courage of Ukraine, starting with its president and extending to those in the trenches, is beyond admirable.

  2. I wish Ukraine well also.

    • Thanks, Jim! I appreciate your input. Hope all is well with you.

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