Posted by: SJS | April 17, 2022

Kyiv sinks Moscow

The Russian Federation’s MOSKVA

With well targeted Neptune missiles, the armed forces of Ukraine sent the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet to the bottom of the ocean. The ship was named after Russian’s capital city, Moscow. The Moskva and all of its bristling firepower didn’t stand a chance against the fierce military savvy of the Ukrainians.

On May 27, 1941, the British Royal Navy sank the German battleship Bismarck, in the North Atlantic. That powerful warship was the pride of the German navy. The destruction of the Bismarck was an ominous portent of the fate of the Third Reich. Within four years, Nazi Germany was laid waste by the Allies.

The scope and scale of the destruction that Hitler’s Germany brought upon itself was a preview of what Putin’s Russia is doing to itself at this very moment. With each new atrocity it commits against the innocent people of Ukraine and with each new humiliating military setback it suffers, Russia is following the playbook of Nazi Germany to the bitter end. What happened to the Bismarck is what happened to the people of Germany.

The destruction of the Moskva is more than a symbol, more than a military victory for Ukraine. It is a victory of good over pure evil. For this son of a WWII PT veteran, this is just one of the best naval victories I’ve ever seen or learned about. Not bad for a nation with a navy the size of Bolivia’s.

Glory to Ukraine!

Happy Easter.


  1. Hooray!!

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