Posted by: SJS | March 8, 2022

International Womens Day

Ukranian women ready to fight

As we observe National Womens Day, we salute the brave, resolute women of Ukraine who have stepped forward to defend their nation at this time of crisis. In the face of unimaginable violence, barbaric hostility, and relentless cruelty, these fearless women have demonstrated to the world what unflinching courage looks like. These women are teachers, administrators, lawyers, politicians, technicians, and academics.

Many, many of these women are mothers and even grandmothers.

Just as ordinary women and men stepped up in WWII to fight the forces of tyranny and facism, these remarkable women in Ukraine have put themselves on the front lines to defend freedom and democracy. They know full well that they are putting themselves in enormous danger and still, they persist.

I am in awe of these women who are standing shoulder to shoulder with the brave Ukranian men in the face of horrors that few of us can even imagine. Their spirit is indomitable.

May God bless and protect them in their noble struggle.


  1. Well said. The Ukrainian Women are incredibly brave and extraordinary. I am keeping them and all the Ukrainian people in my prayers.

  2. Pretty impressed with Ukraine, from its president on down.  God protect each and everyone.

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