Posted by: SJS | October 9, 2021

Packard engine hoisted into place

PT crewmen maneuver a Packard engine into place on a PT boat

The PTs were powered by three Packard Engines–two astern (back of the boat) and one amidships (center). The Packards were centrifugal gear driven, 100 octane, gas line-fueled, water cooled engines. The photo illustrates the size of one engine as it is carefully lowered into place on a PT boat. The enormous horsepower generated by these engines accounted for the rapid acceleration rate and speed over the water that were the hallmarks of the Mosquito Fleet.

The highly trained PT crewmembers called “Motor Macs” (engine mechanics) were entrusted with the task of keeping the Packards in peak operating condition. Their good work–often under very challenging conditions–played a vital role in making the PTs as effective as they were.

Red Stahley always spoke in glowing terms about his Motor Mac mates who ensured that PT 373 remained fast and maneuverable during his days as part of that crew.

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