Posted by: SJS | September 26, 2021

Torpedoes away

Torpedoes launched from the deck of a PT boat

What a thrill it was to come across this photo of a PT boat on a training run in American waters firing off two torpedoes from its deck as the boat moves ahead at full throttle. My thanks to Al Cuneo for posting this remarkable photo on a PT Facebook group to which we both belong.

While many of the sources I have consulted over the years have detailed the problems confronted by the PT crews when the torpedoes veered off course or failed to launch as intended, enough of the “fish,” as the torpedoes were called, found their targets and inflicted great harm on enemy vessels, especially barges that were heavy laden with supplies.

By the time Red Stahley was assigned to regular PT boat patrols in the South Pacific aboard the 373, the crews were relying more heavily on their deck guns than torpedoes for missions that took them up jungle rivers and into close proximity with enemy positions that were heavily fortified on land.


  1. That is truly a dramatic photo. Thanks for this blog entry.

    • Thanks, Dudley! One of the benefits of the ongoing research has been to connect with other groups and come across photos like this. Thanks again.

  2. It’s always great to come across new information or a picture you’ve never seen before, isn’t it?!

  3. Yes, it is! Thanks for your continued support, GP.

  4. Wow!

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