Posted by: SJS | August 26, 2021

Heavy camo on PT 328

Heading out on patrol

Bristling with deck weaponry and with crew at the ready, PT 328 moves out on patrol. My thanks to Pip Geesaman who shared this stunning photo on a Facebook group devoted to preserving the legacy of the PT Boats.

When I think of my father’s time in Squadron (RON) 27, serving as a crewmember on the legendary PT 373 in the South Pacific in 1945, I picture him on a boat that looks very much like this one. As the PTs were increasingly used for river patrols–as was his boat–the emphasis shifted from finding torpedo targets to preparing for close-in encounters with entrenched Japanese forces that required deck guns for heavy firefights.

Coming across photos like this one is always a thrilling experience and I am grateful for the generous sharing of the members of the extended PT family across the country and around the globe. The more I learn, the more I want to learn about the legacy of the Navy’s PT boats of WWII.


  1. Another incredible blog and photo that shows the versatility of PT boats and the sacrifices their crews were called upon to make.

  2. I’m very happy to see that you too are still looking into the WWII history.

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