Posted by: SJS | April 17, 2021

Coming into the dock

Bringing the boat in

In an undated photo, a group of sailors on the deck of a PT boat bring their craft into the dock. The sailor on the bow of the boat hurls a rope to an unseen sailor awaiting the boat’s arrival on the dock. The other sailors on the boat are standing by, ready to do their part to secure their PT upon its arrival.

As with so many of the photos I’ve been fortunate enough to view, this one captures a very ordinary task that made up the daily lives of the PT crews during WWII. While there was no information I was able to locate regarding this photo, the cars in the background may indicate that the picture was snapped somewhere in the United States–perhaps at the PT training center in Melville, Rhode Island.

I always cherish photos like this because it makes it easy for me to imagine my father performing similar duties on his boat, whether it was in the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, or one of the stateside training facilities he was assigned to before he was shipped overseas.


  1. It’s the ‘everyday’ in photographs that makes people human, and gives us a strong connection to our relatives, especially those who have served our country.

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