Posted by: SJS | March 5, 2021

PT 157 and her crew

A day in the life of PT 157

This highly revealing photo from the vast archives of PT Boats, Inc. shows the crew of PT 157 posing for a photographer in the middle of a typical day somewhere in the South Pacific. It looks as though the sailors have been summoned from their tasks so that someone can snap a picture.

Whether they are annoyed at the interruption or pleased for the opportunity to take a break from work is impossible to determine. Looking at their faces and the way they are standing, I have the strong impression that they would prefer to return to the task at hand, whatever that task might be. Photos like this are endlessly fascinating to me because it is so easy for me to picture my father standing among this group.

The faces looking into the camera on the bow deck of the 157convey a mix of seriousness, determination, and weariness from the toll that war takes on sailors and soldiers who know it up close and personal. This photo from an “ordinary” day reveals the extraordinary grit of the PT crews that worked hard to keep their boats–and themselves–ready for whatever they might be called upon to do with very short notice. They were rough, ready, and resilient.


  1. Looking into their faces I think they want to get back to work.

    • I agree!

      • šŸ™‚

    • Jennie–Agreed!. Thanks so much for your comment. S

      • You are welcome!

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