Posted by: SJS | February 11, 2021

Red hated cop killers

US Capitol police officers place the remains of Officer Brian Sicknick in the Capitol Rotunda

As a person who proudly wore the uniform of the US Navy, Red Stahley always held police officers in high esteem. The way Red saw it, he served our country overseas during wartime and police officers served our country by upholding law and order here at home. The common thread was service. The uniform was emblematic of doing a service for other people. It was a sacred trust.

Red was not naïve about police officers who abused their authority, mistreated people they were supposed to serve and protect, or engaged in corrupt activities. He had no tolerance for that type of behavior and was not hesitant to make his opinion known about bad cops.

What really, really set Red off, however, was a cop killer. The death of Capitol Police Officer, Brian Sicknick, during the violent assault on the US Capitol that occurred on January 6th would have caused in my father an eruption of rage, foul language, and shock. His chronic high blood pressure would have taken a dangerous spike. His reddish complexion would have glowed even redder. Mercifully, Red did not live to see the events of that horrific day–events which may have caused him a fatal stroke.

The murder of Officer Brian Sicknick was one horror in the midst of a day filled with escalating horrors that brought destruction, chaos, injury, and deep disgrace upon the US Capitol–the hallowed symbol of American democracy. Unleashed by the violent rhetoric of Donald Trump, the toxic mob of insurrectionists, domestic terrorists, and white supremacists, swarmed over the Capitol in an attempt to subvert the work of the Congress. Were it not for the courageous work of the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police on January 6th, things would have been unimaginably worse on that tragic day.

For my father, the events of January 6th would have offended his dignity, ignited his outrage, and hurled him into a depressive state. But it was the vicious assault on the police and the killing of Officer Sicknick that would have brought his white hot anger screaming to the surface.

It certainly had that effect on me.

A salute to honor the remains of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick


  1. May something good come out of his sacrifice.

    • Thanks, GP. I certainly hope so.

    • Thanks, GP. Sorry for the long delay in responding. I appreciate your support. S

      • No problem. I know how priorities have changed lately.

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