Posted by: SJS | January 11, 2021

Glad that Red Stahley never lived to see this…

Trump’s goons swarm the US Capitol

How glad I am that my father never lived to see the treasonous, murderous attack on the US Capitol in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021. As a Navy veteran who served honorably and saw action in the Mediterranean and South Pacific in WWII, he would have been horrified to see those legions of Trump’s deranged, filthy storm troopers assault the Capitol building bringing violence, death, and untold devastation to the Citadel of Democracy.

Crazed “shaman” and Trump worshipper howls in the Capitol

The images of that day will forever mark the final days of the most delusional, dangerous, and toxic man ever to occupy the office of the president. After Trump whipped up his crazed followers, he unleashed them on the Capitol, pledging to march right along with them (which, of course, he did not). And then his obedient goons stormed the Capitol leaving death and destruction in their fetid wake. That there were military veterans, state legislators, and possibly police officers in their ranks makes the horror of the assault that much worse. Even as I write these words, the demented criminals who assaulted the Capitol are being hunted down by law enforcement from Florida to Arkansas to Hawaii and everywhere else in the country.

True to form, Trump disowned his goon squad after the assault and threw them under the bus–just as he does with anyone who is stupid enough to pledge their loyalty to him. Loyalty is a one way street with Trump as everyone with half a brain knows by now.

I can only begin to imagine the words that would burst out of my father if he had witnessed the vile scenes that all of America–and all of the world–was forced to watch on January 6th. Thank God that Red Stahley,

Trump goon parades with Confederate battle flag in the US Capitol

a member of the “Greatest Generation.” never lived to see the day that the nation he fought for was brought so low at the direction of a “Commander-in-Chief” who has the mindset of a mob boss and the moral compass of a rabid hyena.


  1. I believe the worst is still to come.

    • Pierre, I fear that you are right. We are now at war with the American version of Isis–domestic terrorists who are under the spell of a toxic, vile ideology. Trump is just the symptom of something much deeper and far more dangerous. As he is removed from office and contained, the larger war will continue. And as in all wars, blood will be shed and terrorists will be brought to justice. Thanks for your continued support. Steve

      • I know America’s enemies are enjoying all this… I am not. I had seen this coming in 2016. You don’t need a master degree in history to see this coming. When I say the worst is coming, I mean it especially when this has been dragging on since January 6th. These days will live in infamy…

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