Posted by: SJS | October 3, 2020

FDR — a tower of strength, stamina, and presidential character. No loser, he.

FDR at Hyde Park, New York

Although he was diagnosed with polio at age 39 and struggled with the disease for most of his career in public office, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a model of indomitable strength, unbreakable resolve, and intellectual brilliance. He led the nation out of the Great Depression and through the darkest days of World War II. As Commander-in-Chief of America’s Armed Forces, his personal example inspired the troops without pause or hesitation.

As we endure these chaotic days with a leadership vacuum larger than the Grand Canyon, let us never forget presidents like FDR who summoned the best from all Americans and united our country with a sense of common purpose and determination. FDR’s physical disability was something that only made him stronger and more resilient.

My father told me many times how President Roosevelt inspired him and always made him want to do his best to serve the country, “We had a Commander-in-Chief who was as brave as any sailor, marine, or soldier that I ever met,” Red told me when I was a young boy. “FDR wasn’t afraid of anything or anybody. He was a tower of strength.”

Remembering my father’s words really, really helps me these days. We’re going to make it through this dismal chapter and return our nation to the values which have always made it strong–decency, honor, and integrity. Thank God we have the example of presidents like FDR to help us navigate through this fetid swamp of corruption, vulgarity, bigotry, and hate.


  1. Its great to be reminded of what real leadership looks like during these times when we are experiencing a vacuum. Thanks for your continued efforts to educate and inspire us with our history.

    • Thanks so much, Dudley. I’ve decided to seize the opening to keep holding up presidents who dignified the office. Coming up will be Truman and Grant. Hope that Collins is going down in flames as Maine goes to the polls. Stay safe. Thanks again.

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