Posted by: SJS | September 9, 2020

PT training run at Melville

A striking color photo of PT sailors on the 20 mm anti-aircraft gun near the stern of a boat on a training run at Melville, Rhode Island. The wake trailing off the boat gives a good indication of the velocity of the PT as it makes its way across the water’s surface.

Although Red’s expertise was as a radioman, I’m sure that he put in his share of training hours on this gun. Every PT sailor received training in every aspect of the boat’s operation so that the skipper could deploy them as needed.

Getting comfortable with a weapon like this was an essential part of preparation for the PT sailors. And it served as a stark reminder that things could turn on a dime in combat.

For the sailors in the Navy’s Mosquito Fleet, the old navy slogan “All hands on deck” was not a cliché.

This photo is from the archives of the PT Museum.


  1. Great photo Steve! Keep ‘em coming!

    • Jay, Thanks very much for your encouragement. I really appreciate it. Steve

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