Posted by: SJS | September 4, 2020

Red’s Commanders-in-Chief

Over the course of years in the US Navy, Red Stahley served under two Commanders-in-Chief– Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. He never doubted for a second that the presidents he served were men of honor, integrity, and principle. Red knew from the time of his enlistment to the day he received his honorable discharge that his Commander-in-Chief always had his back.

Perhaps one day–soon–we will again have a president who respects the men and women of our armed forces; a president who will not refer to fallen soldiers as “losers” and “suckers;” a president who would never denigrate patriotic Americans like John McCain and George H. W. Bush as losers for being captured or shot down by hostile forces.

Perhaps one day–soon–our nation will cease being pitied and ridiculed and mocked by the rest of the world and our brave military personnel will have a commander-in-chief who will not abide a Russian president who places bounties on the heads of our fighting forces in Afghanistan.

Perhaps one day–soon–we will have a president who is not a pathological liar, a vile racist, and a person who holds Confederate generals in higher esteem than the noble Union Generals who led the fight to preserve the United States and end slavery.

Let’s get busy and do all we can to restore honor and decency to the highest office in the land. We have to vote like our future of our democracy depends on it–because it does.

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