Posted by: SJS | August 23, 2020

PT 487 from the air

PT 487 overhead view

A stunning aerial photograph of PT 487 from the air.

The stark beauty of this black and white photograph captures the energy and grace of a PT boat moving swiftly across the surface of the ocean.  Images like this one always help me to fill out the picture of my father as a young crewman, working as part of a tight team, moving their boat towards whatever awaits them in the darkness ahead.

As I continue on my journey of discovery about the WWII service of Red Stahley, the more in awe I become of what he and his crewmates accomplished in their defense of our nation.


  1. Incredible photograph.

    • Dudley, Thanks very much! I always appreciate your take on the photographs. Stay well. S

  2. Steve, when I saw this I thought of that old seaman’s prayer: “Lord please look out for me for my boat is so small and the sea is so large” It’s a great image, thanks for sharing

    • Beautiful, thanks Dave. The prayer perfectly fits the photo.

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