Posted by: SJS | August 15, 2020

WWII ends – August 15, 1945


This was the day in the summer of 1945 when WWII finally came to an end.  I can only begin to imagine the overwhelming sense of relief, gratitude, and shock that came over my father and his fellow PT sailors as the word spread through the ranks that Imperial Japan had capitulated to the Allies.

While the formal surrender by Japan came two weeks later, it was this day in 1945 when the American forces in the Pacific knew that the hostilities were over and that they had survived.  For Red Stahley and his fellow PT sailors, the realization that there would be no invasion of mainland Japan must have come like a message straight from heaven.  They knew what the conquest of the Japanese homeland would entail–and now that invasion would no longer be necessary.

Even though my birth would not occur for another six years,  it turns out that August 15, 1945 was a lucky day for me.  Had Japan not surrendered, I don’t know if I would even be here today tapping out these words to share with you.


  1. Never forget!

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