Posted by: SJS | June 21, 2020

A Father’s Day salute

George Jr. & Phil Cameron in tuxes for Bill Sweeny's wedding

By the time my father graduated from Philadelphia’s Northeast Catholic High School, he had already enlisted in the US Navy and would soon begin his arduous training in preparation for his role as a Radioman in the Navy’s famed “Mosquito Fleet.”  Entering the US Armed Forces as hostilities in Europe and the South Pacific were becoming more intense and dangerous was an act of courage, boldness, and authentic patriotism.

As my research continues on my father’s remarkable career as an enlisted sailor during some of the darkest days of WWII, I am in awe of what he accomplished before he reached the age of 21.  Along with his young comrades in the Navy, the Marines, the Army, the Army Air Force, the Coast Guard, the WAVES, the WACS, and the Seabees–he was part of “The Greatest Generation” that changed the history of the world.

Doing his duty, not talking very much about it, and getting on with his life–that’s how things went as Red Stahley completed high school and stepped into the tumultuous  world that awaited him in 1943.  It’s always an honor to pause on Father’s Day and recognize his enduring legacy.

Wishing a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandfathers, and father figures who contribute–and have contributed–to making our world a better place.

In the photo, George “Red” Stahley poses with his friend and fellow North Catholic buddy, Phil Cameron, on the wedding day of their friend, Bill Sweeney in Philly in 1948.  Like Red, Phil served in the USN as part of a destroyer crew.


  1. Happy Fathers Day to your Dad. It’s certainly wonderful to have a father you admire the most.

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