Posted by: SJS | June 6, 2020

A day to honor courage – and remember

Commissioning of USS HILO AGP 2 on June 1, 1942. 90% were PH survivors

As we commemorate  D-Day and the astounding courage of the American Armed forces which participated in the Normandy Invasion on this day in 1944, we remember also the unshakable courage of other members of the US Military–past and present–who model the virtue of courage and inspire us to embody it in our own lives.

Pictured above is the commissioning ceremony for the USN crew of USS HILO AGP 2 on June 11, 1942.  As a PT tender, the USS HILO would serve numerous PT crews over the course of the war.

All of the petty officers and 90% of the enlisted men in this crew were Pearl Harbor survivors.  As sailors who experienced that horrific attack of December 7, 1941, they demonstrated their bravery, determination, and resilience as part of the Navy’s Mosquito Fleet.  Their hard work made sure that the PT boats were well maintained and supported for their missions.  These brave sailors never forgot for a moment what they were fighting for and all those they lost at Pearl Harbor.


Photo courtesy of PT Boats, Inc.



  1. Thank you for remembering.

    • And thank you, Lloyd for your continued support.

  2. A tribute for them all !

    • Thanks, GP. Keep up the great work.

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