Posted by: SJS | April 14, 2020

Supportive services–absolutely essential

lifting up a PT for repairs 07-15-2019_17-51-36-954 (2)Key to the success of the PT boats as a fighting force in WWII was the great support the PTs received from the PT Tenders and the PT Base Crews.  These supportive services kept the crews supplied, the boats in good repair, and–when necessary–additional fire power to fight off enemy attacks, especially from hostile aircraft.  The USN sailors who were assigned to the tenders and the bases shared the same fighting spirit as their fellow sailors who were assigned to the PT crews.

I lost track of the number of time my father praised the work of the tender and base crews.  “We relied on those guys to keep us going,” Red said, “we would have been in big trouble without them.”

Our nation is now engaged in an all-out war against a fierce, invisible enemy–the COVID-19 virus.  On the front lines of this war, fighting with all their might to protect us are the nurses, doctors, health technicians, hospital staff, and EMT crews.  Their heroism and selfless service are on full display every day.  They are putting their lives on the line, using their considerable skills to serve the sickest among us.  Along with the healthcare professionals, we rely on the hard work and bravery of  law enforcement professionals, grocery store workers, mail carriers, pharmacy staff, waste removal workers, and so many others who do the day-to-day necessary work to keep our society functioning.

To paraphrase Red Stahley, we rely on these fine people to keep us going and we would be in big  trouble without them.

God bless them all for their courage, their selfless service, and their tireless work to heal, to protect, and to supply us with life’s necessities.  They truly represent the best of who we are as Americans.  We owe them an immense debt of gratitude.

In the photo, a PT boat is hoisted onto a PT tender for repairs.

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