Posted by: SJS | December 20, 2019

George “Red” Stahley – December 20, 1924

It was on this day in 1924 that my father, George J. Stahley, was born in Philadelphia, PA.  He was the only child of George F. and Mary Young Stahley.  When he passed away in November of 1999 he had not yet reached the age of 75.

At the time of his death, I had not yet started my intensive research on his Navy career but I did have my childhood memories of the stories he shared with me about his days on the PTs.  It was those stories that motivated me to dig deeper and learn more about his military career in WWII.  When I began my work, I didn’t even know that his Navy nickname was “Red.”

And there was so much more.

Remembering my father, “Red” Stahley, on the 95th anniversary of his birth.

In the photo, my father poses with two of his coworkers at Edgecomb Steel in Philadelphia where he worked as a dispatcher in 1948.


  1. My father also died at the age of 74. And I also wish I had asked more questions!!

    • GP, Yes. And as I draw ever closer to that age myself, I become more aware of how short life really is–and how quickly it passes. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. Keep up the great work on your blog–I have learned such a vast amount from your excellent posts. Steve

      • Thank you, Steve. That is a very nice thing to say. I appreciate it.
        Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! (and don’t let anyone forget our men in the disposable boats!!)

  2. Hello SJS! Leland Gosnell on PT 107 is my great uncle, and I only recently found out about his 2nd military service on PT boats. A g-g-aunt who is 92 just told me that Leland was “blown off a PT boat and seriously injured in the South Pacific”. That got me looking, and led me to your website. Enjoyed your website very much and learned a lot! Might you have some more info or pix of Leland that you would share? I am trying to fill out his profile with info about his life on Ancestry. I have a lot of info, but NOTHING about his PT boat service. Met his son Bob Gosnell when I was maybe about 10. Great website!! Keith

    • Keith, Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I will check through my files and research to see if I can find more information about your great uncle, Leland. I remember exchanging some emails with Bob Gosnell a few years ago. Bon provided the photo of Leland that I used in one of my posts. In the meantime, I urge you to make contact with PT Boats, Inc. in Germantown, Tennessee. When I began research on my father, the support I received from PT Boats, Inc. was an enormous help and put me in touch with PT vets who knew my father and were able to tell me things about my father that I never knew. Thank you again for making contact. Good luck with your research, Keith. Thanks again. Steve

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