Posted by: SJS | December 2, 2018

George H.W. Bush – RIP

We honor the memory of President George Herbert Walker Bush who passed away on November 30th.  He was the last president who served in World War II.  He was also the last president who saw combat.  President Bush had a distinguished military career, flying 58 missions as the pilot of a torpedo bomber that flew from aircraft carriers in the Pacific theater of the war, getting shot down twice in the process.  His rescue by a USN submarine in September of 1944 after being hit by Japanese gunners is the stuff of legend.

Like Red Stahley, George H.W. Bush entered the service as a very young man and grew into adulthood facing the horrors and dangers of war.  The fierce experience of combat shaped their view of the world and gave them a perspective that influenced the rest of their lives.  While their paths never crossed in life, I’m sure that President Bush and my father would have enjoyed comparing notes about their experiences as part of the US Navy during those momentous years.

With gratitude and respect, we honor a man who served his nation with courage, daring, and grace.  As both a military man and an elected official, he gave his best and set an example of dedication and decency.  Among his many qualities, President Bush was known for his kindness and his sense of humor.

To all the Bush family, we offer our prayers, our condolences, and our gratitude.  May God bless President Bush with rest and peace.  He will be missed.


  1. An impressive sense of service.

  2. Lloyd, I agree. The life of George H.W. Bush embodies the meaning of the term “public service.” And I always appreciated his sense of humor. Thanks much, Steve

  3. He was a Navy hero and a great man.

  4. Jennie, I agree! The decency and spirit of public service that were exemplified by President George H.W. Bush remind us so acutely of what we are lacking today. I hope that his example will remind all Americans that we can do so much better. Thanks for your ongoing support. Steve

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