Posted by: SJS | September 25, 2018

Samar from the air

Red relaxing on Samar

Red at ease on Samar 1945

An aerial photo of the Philippine island of Samar, the site of PT Base 17–one of the largest in the South Pacific.  And a photo of my father that was identified by place and date–a rare treasure of information.

During his service in PT Squadron (Ron) 27, it was on this base where Red spent most of his time when he was off the water.  It was at this site that he developed a reputation for his radio skills that connected many of his good buddies to their families back in the States.  Upon seeing the photo of Samar in this photo taken from an aircraft, I was struck by the fact that a  big city boy from Philly found himself stationed in this village of a PT base on the other side of the world and spent his time and his talents easing the homesickness of so many of his fellow sailors.

If the opportunity ever presents itself, I would love to visit Samar and walk the beaches and wade in the water where my father did some of his best work–both as a fighting man in the USN and as a humanitarian helping so many of his fellow sailors.


  1. Stephen, Then you must make the trip and close the circle.

  2. Michael, You’re right. My research has been a voyage of discovery and I think it has prompted me to set out on a voyage of a different sort to close the circle. Thanks! Stephen

  3. Definitely go, Stephen! Think of how stirring it will be to see what he saw and to experience the surroundings that surrounded your Dad! A life-changing chance. . .

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