Posted by: SJS | September 5, 2018

Annapolis burial of a Navy hero

Whether it was the annual Army-Navy game, an old movie about the US Navy in WWII, or following the presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy during 1960, my father relished every opportunity to make contact with his USN roots.  As I checked out the news coverage and photographs of John McCain’s burial at Annapolis on Sunday, I could easily imagine Red’s swelling pride as the Navy laid to rest one of its proudest sons.

I was especially impressed by the prominent role played by the enlisted men–sailors who wore the uniform that my father wore during his time as an enlisted serviceman during WWII.  In their striking whites with the distinctive cap, the Navy’s sailors bore their fallen comrade to his final resting place on the grounds of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  With immense dignity, solemn reverence, and military precision, the officers and enlisted men reminded us yet again of what is best in our nation.

At a time when we are being ill served and shamefully embarrassed by political leaders, religious institutions, and the avarice of corporate interests, how fortunate we have been over the past two weeks to see what true American greatness is really all about.  The story of John McCain’s heroism, the profound beauty of the military funeral rituals, and impressive family bonds that have held the McCain’s together have borne witness to the deepest values of American life–honor, sacrifice, and duty.



  1. I wept when I saw the Irish cadets do Kennedy’s funeral. There is something in the pomp and pageantry of Royal funerals. I admired McCain so this is a sad time.

  2. Thanks, Lloyd. I was overcome by those same emotions. McCain’s influence will live on, I am certain of that.

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