Posted by: SJS | March 31, 2018

Rescue missons – another PT task

From the beaches off the Normandy Coast on D-Day to the waters of the Adriatic Sea to the islands of the South Pacific, PT boats performed countless rescue missions.  Scooping downed fighter pilots out of the ocean or searching for drowning troops of the Normandy invasion whose landing crafts had been hit by enemy gunners, the PTs used their speed and agility to find Allied troop and bring them to safety.  In this photo from the vast collection of PT Boats Inc,, two enlisted men demonstrate the rescue net mechanism– a vital part of PT boat deck gear that saved more lives than  will  ever  be known.


  1. The lifeguard missions were extremely important for them, yet they were always considered ‘expendable’. The sure sign of heroes at work!

  2. So true. It was all in a day’s work for the PT crews. Thanks for your support! Loving your work on the Pacific battles.

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