Posted by: SJS | January 12, 2018

Red Stahley hated racism–and so do I

How glad I am that my father did not live to see the vile, vulgar and racist behavior of the current American president.  Red’s first taste of war in the Mediterranean was against the Nazi war machine and he was always very clear about what he was fighting for–and against.   When our family moved to a new home in 1964 in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, he was repulsed by the anti-Semitic vandalism that some of our new neighbors had to endure.

“I put my life on the line to fight this s___” he said more than once. I was well acquainted with my father’s anger but nothing upset him more than racism.  He was deeply proud of his service in WWII to counter the fascist tide that was threatening the world.  He had more close encounters with death than any of us knew–things I only found out as I did research for this blog long after his death.  I will be proud of his service every day of my life.  And every day, I grow more grateful and feel a growing obligation to honor his service.

I can only begin to imagine what Red would say in response to the most recent comments of a repulsive bigot like Donald Trump who defends Neo-Nazis and has earned high approval ratings from the Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalist scum.   With each new day, Trump brings greater levels of disgrace and dishonor to the office he holds and to the country we love.  What more evidence do we need about his incompetence, stupidity, and destructiveness?

As the proud son of a distinguished PT Veteran I say we’ve had enough of Nazism, racism, and hate.  If nothing else, I owe it to the memory of my father to do whatever I can to stand up against the tide of fascism, bigotry, and racist hatred that is now threatening our own country and the ideals of the American republic.

It’s time to  rise up and reclaim our democracy.

Let’s get busy.


  1. Well said Steve. I agree this racism and bigotry has to end and we must all do our part to reclaim our democracy.


    • Thanks, Aneise. I am working every day with INDIVISIBLE on the local and national levels. The time has come for a reckoning for all those spineless, gutless elected officials who stand with and protect the demented thug who calls himself the president and brings dishonor upon the office of the presidency and everything America stands for. There’s no time to waste. Thanks again, Steve

  2. Thanks, Aneise. Sorry to be so slow to respond. My battle with post-surgical fatigue continues slowly forward.

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