Posted by: SJS | December 20, 2017

Happy 93rd, Red!


Red Stahley HS graduation


On this day in 1924, George “Red” Stahley was born in Philadelphia, PA.  He was the only child of George F. and Mary Young Stahley.  If he were still with his, we would be celebrating his 93rd birthday today.  I can hardly believe that he’s been gone now for over 17 years.   One of the most rewarding things about my research into his Navy career on the PT boats of WWII has been the opportunity to discover so much about him that I never knew or fully understood.  This voyage of discovery has connected me with people all across the country who have expanded and deepened my understanding of the PT service and, in so doing, have brought me greater insight into the pivotal experience of my father’s life.  And the learning continues.

Red as a high school senior (1943) and in his official USN photo (1944).

Red in dress blues, hatless



  1. All the best!

    • Thanks, GP! Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a healthy 2018. Keep writing–I learn so much from your posts! Great work.

      • Thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Red, and great old photos.

  3. Thanks, Jennie. Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. I appreciate your continued support.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your’s and Happy Birthday Red.

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