Posted by: SJS | December 7, 2017

Day of decision

It was on this day in December of 1941 that George J. Stahley made the decision that he would enlist in the US Navy as soon as he graduated from high school.  It was Sunday, December 7th, the day that the air force of Imperial Japan bombed Navy ships in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  While he may have shared his decision with a few close friends, he did not inform his parents until much later.  Like so many of his generation, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point–perhaps the major turning point–in his life.  At the time, he was a junior at North Catholic High School in Philadelphia.  From that day forward, his mind was focused on finishing high school and entering the service.

In this photo, the USS Arizona burns furiously in the wake of the attack.  To the left of the Arizona are the USS Tennessee and the USS West Virginia; both ships were already hit and going down.

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