Posted by: SJS | December 4, 2017

Ron 40 is commissioned

In this photo from the National Archives, Squadron (Ron) 40 is commissioned at the New York Naval Shipyard.  Unlike other USN ships, PTs were commissioned as part of an entire squadron.  The photo shows the officers and enlisted men in their dress blues–always an impressive sight to see.  The photo is undated but my guess is that it was snapped sometime in early 1945.

In his final assignment, Red Stahley was assigned to Ron 40 and was part of the crew of PT 589.  His service in this squadron came after the war had formally ended with the surrender of Imperial Japan.  With the hostilities ended, Red’s days in Ron 40 were the easiest days of his PT service.  In the summer of 1945, PT sailors went through a wild roller coaster of emotions as they anticipated being a part of the invasion force that would take the war to the Japanese mainland and then learned of the Japanese surrender in August of that year.  It’s hard to imagine the level of relief they surely felt when they learned that the horrors of war were finally going to end.



  1. Thought you might be interested in this story.

  2. One can only imagine.

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