Posted by: SJS | November 17, 2017

RON 15 foul weather gear

Two unidentified officers of PT Squadron (RON) 15 pose for a photo in their cold weather jackets somewhere in the Mediterranean.  This picture was probably taken sometime in 1944.

For years after he left the navy, Red kept getting good use out of his Navy jacket when the weather turned cold in Philadelphia.  I can well remember how proud he was of that jacket.  As I reflect back on those days, I now realize that when my father slipped that jacket on it was doing more than just keeping him warm.  It was a powerful link of his days in the Med and all that he had experienced there with his fellow sailors.  He wore that Navy jacket for years until it became threadbare.  I wish I knew what became of it.

And these sailors who are unnamed–I wonder if Red served with them during that fateful year.  So many questions.  Every new photo seems to open another door.  And the journey of discovery keeps getting better. My thanks for the good folks at PT Boats, Inc., who have made photos like this available to us.

Best wishes to you and yours for a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.


  1. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well. There will always be place at the table for these brave men who were our fathers.

  2. GP- that is so true. As the years pass, I can feel the presence of my father in new and surprising ways. Through the exploration of his years in the service, I’ve drawn close to him in ways I never expected. I’m sure the same is true for you. Keep up the great work–your writing has been a true gift to me. Steve

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