Posted by: SJS | October 18, 2017

Herman the cat – APG mascot

The crew of an unnamed PT Tender poses for a photo with their mascot–Herman the cat.  The caption reads “McVicker holds the feline mascot Herman.”  I’ve lost track of the number of PT photos I’ve seen that include one of their cherished mascots–whether it’s a dog, a monkey, or a cat.  In the midst of the horrors and chaos of war, caring for a pet must have been a welcome distraction for these men.  The story of my father’s brief pet experience with a spider monkey (which I’ve written about in a previous post) was too brief and disruptive to even give the little guy a name.  Knowing how much my father loved dogs, I still can’t figure out why he didn’t get a dog.  With the monkey–maybe the price was right and there were just no pups available on that unusual day.

Again, my thanks to PT Boats, Inc. for furnishing this beautiful photo.  If you haven’t yet checked out the website for PT Boats, Inc., you should definitely go there.  And if you happen to be anywhere near Germantown, Tennessee (near Memphis)  you should give Alyce a call and stop by.  You will be glad you did!


  1. This is a great story. It reminds me of the bear who became a mascot in WWI in the Canadian Army, out of Winnipeg. He later went to the London zoo and the rest is history (and books). An animal mascot was a big deal and a great relief for soldiers.

  2. Thank you, Jennie, for sharing the story of the bear and the Canadian soldiers. It really makes the point beautifully. Thanks for your continued support.

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