Posted by: SJS | October 3, 2017

MTBRTU in Melville, RI


In March of 1944, the Motor Torpedo Boat Repair Training Unit (MTBRTU) was set up at the Training Center (MTBSTC) in Melville, Rhode Island.  Known at the “Annapolis of the PTs,” Melville was place were PT officers and enlisted men received the hands-on training that prepared them for all things PT-related.

The MTBRTU was designed to give specialized instruction to personnel for PT bases and tenders.  By early 1944, many of the repair and maintenance problems of the early PT squadrons were well documented and the need for a specialized training unit had become very obvious.  Over the course of the final year of the war, the skills and courage of the crewmen on the PT tenders and bases contributed mightily to the effectiveness of the PTs–especially in the South Pacific.

The insignia design for the MTBSTC came from the studios of Walt Disney and was donated to the US Navy.  Disney had a crew of artists who worked exclusively on making insignias for military units–a true contribution to the war effort of the US Armed Forces.

The bold mosquito clutching a tool box while supporting a portable dry dock for a PT boat needing repair speaks volumes about the spirit of the PTs and the dedicated sailors who ensured that these remarkable boats remained in fighting trim for whatever challenges came their way.

These images were supplied by PT Boats, Inc. of Germantown, TN.  Thanks Alyce and Alison for all your great work!  You’re the absolute best.


  1. No one can doubt the devotion to duty these men had. Considered expendable – yet brave everyone!!

    • Yes, that’s right. The sailors that worked the bases and the tenders were essential components of the PT force. Thanks!

  2. The importance of the PT-boat is being re-discovered, unfortunately it’s by Russia.

  3. That’s not good news. It may be time for the US Navy and move forward with PT Boats 2.0 (or should it be 3.0?). This just proves how valuable this craft is to the naval arsenal of any country. Thanks, GP!

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