Posted by: SJS | September 25, 2017

Scanning the horizon

On the lookout from a PT deck

Two PT sailors sit on the deck as one scans the open sea for signs of trouble.  Their machine gun is at the ready and the look on the face of the near sailor conveys a mixture of intensity and alertness.  Clearly, these are two crewmen who have seen action and are taking nothing for granted.

It is photos like this one from the vast archives of PT Boats, Inc., that instruct me so powerfully on the day-to-day reality of my father’s Navy days in the Mediterranean and the South Pacific.  Regardless of their specific training and assigned duties (mechanic, radioman, cook, etc.), every crewmember took their turn doing everything else on the PTs boats. Whether it was swabbing the decks or stepping behind the Twin-50 machine gun in response to an enemy attack, it was understood that everybody was ready for anything at any time.

Every new photo I come across feels like another key that unlocks another door–and what a journey it has been!


  1. Well said! Thank you for this post.

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