Posted by: SJS | July 26, 2017

At ease on PT 373

A few sailors strike a relaxed pose on PT 373 somewhere in the South Pacific.  This photo was shared with me by Mike Nixon whose father, Jim, served on the 373–quite possibly during the same period when my father was assigned to this boat.  While the photo did not include the names of the sailors or the date that the photo was snapped, the face of the standing crewman seemed familiar to me from another photo that included my father and other sailors of the 373.   Coming across photos like this one always arouse my curiosity and I find myself wondering if my father was on the boat that day, if some of these guys were his buddies, and if these sailors were all lucky enough to survive the war.  Questions and more questions and lots of speculation.  My thanks to Mike for sharing this photo with me and the other fascinating photos and documents he shared from his father’s collection.


  1. I came across a photo of PT-190, but have been unable to locate what Ron number it served in. I kept trying to find your father in the picture myself!!

    • Mr Cox PT 190 was assigned to Ron 12.

      • Thank you. And here’s the picture. It will take up a lot of room, so feel free to delete if you wish.

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