Posted by: SJS | June 22, 2017

Squadron (Ron) 5 PT Officers

In this undated photograph from PT Boats, Inc., a group of PT Boat officers from Squadron (Ron) 5 strike a pose that is somewhere between casual and combative.  Commanding a PT boat seemed to require having an edge and a bit of an attitude.  These six officers project that unusual combination of traits–each in their own way.  The message they seem to be conveying to the photographer is:  hurry up and snap your damn picture and get out of here.  Wearing shorts does not diminish the impression that these guys are all business.

Like most of the enlisted PT sailors, my father had a healthy mixture of respect and resentment for the skippers he served under, especially in the South Pacific.  The strongest feeling of camaraderie Red felt was for the other enlisted crewmen with whom he served.  Those bonds endured for the rest of his life.  My guess is that if my father ever found himself near a gathering of officers, he would snap a quick salute–and then be on his way.

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