Posted by: SJS | February 3, 2017

Cutting a fast turn on a wide sea


Among my favorite photos of a PT boat in action is this one of PT 107 beginning a fast turn toward her starboard side.  The raw energy of a PT at full throttle bursts through the photographer’s lens and allows a person to almost feel the momentum of the boat across the water.

Photos like this always take me back to my father’s stories of being on PT 373 when those Packard engines kicked in full bore and his boat bounced like wild over the dangerous waters of the South Pacific.  Those stories are among my earliest–and most cherished–memories of my childhood.  Hearing those stories never got old and every detail thrilled me to my core.



  1. It’s good to write them down and we’re grateful that you share them.

  2. Another incredible photograph. This image really conveys the speed these boats moved at. It must have been a thrill for those onboard when they were moving at top speed.

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