Posted by: SJS | October 31, 2016

The emblem of the MTBRTU


In March of 1944, the Motor Torpedo Boat Repair Training Unit (MTBRTU) was set up at the PT Training Center in Melville, Rhode Island.  The training unit was intended to give specialized instruction to personnel for PT bases and tenders–the vital support services that played such a major role in keeping the PT boats supplied, repaired, and in the best possible fighting shape.  If the RTU had been established earlier, many of the maintenance and repair problems of the early squadrons could have been avoided.  Fortunately for Red Stahley and Tom Saffles and other PT sailors who served in the South Pacific in 1945, the personnel serving on the PT Tenders and bases were among the best trained in the war.

The emblem design is one of many that Walt Disney donated to the USN.  The fighting PT Mosquito (always wearing that distinctive sailor’s cap) became a powerful symbol that fixed itself in my childhood imagination and–to this day–summons deep wellsprings of pride and gratitude for my father’s heroic service on the PTs of WWII.

This image was shared by PT Boats, Inc. of Germantown, TN on their 2016 calendar.  Their great work in keeping alive the heritage of the Mosquito Fleet is an outstanding service to our nation and our veterans.


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