Posted by: SJS | October 20, 2016

Surrender at Borneo

japanese-prisoners-on-pt-boatFrom the photo archives of PT Boats, Inc., another remarkable photograph, this one of Japanese prisoners on the deck of a PT somewhere in Borneo in 1945.  There was no accompanying information about this photo or who snapped it, other than the reference to Borneo supplied by PT Boats, Inc.

Knowing that my father spent part of 1945 in this area and remembering his stories about transporting Japanese prisoners, photos like this one always have my eyes searching each detail looking for his face.  Who knows, perhaps this was his boat and he was down in the radio room as the picture was snapped!  What I do know is that scenes like this were very familiar to Red Stahley, Tom Saffles,  and all the other PT sailors who were active in the weeks and months after the surrender of Imperial Japan in 1945.


  1. Although I know my father used to avoid the cameramen so his mother wouldn’t see him in combat, I do the same thing when I watch newsreels and see new pictures. You never know – someone might have caught him and Red too!!

    • You’re so right about that. As I continue to come across photos from different sources, there’s always a chance I’ll see him in one of them. It makes the whole research project that much more exciting. Keep up the great work on your blog–I have learned so much from your good work.

      • Thanks, that means a lot from you!

  2. I felt I could check the faces out better by using this filter on the image.

    • WOW, GP, this really helps! I wasn’t aware of this tool–it makes a major difference. Thanks very much.

      • No problem. I don’t have photo shop, but I thought this might help.

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