Posted by: SJS | September 30, 2016

In the engine room of a PT


An unnamed crewman sits atop the center engine aboard PT 559 of Ron 29.  This sailor was a “Motormac” — one of the motor machinists who played such an important role in maintaining the Packard engines which gave the PTs their remarkable velocity.  As with all the other PT crewmen, Red Stahley had enormous respect and admiration for the the motormacs who kept the boats running fast and steady.  “Those guys were the unsung heroes of the Mosquito Fleet” he said to me more than once.  “They kept those engines in good shape and when we needed to get out of trouble fast, those motormacs made sure we could.”

This photo is from the extensive archives of PT Boats Incorporated in Germantown Tennessee.



  1. Great shot and tribute for these unsung heroes!!

  2. You are so right, GP. The soldiers and sailors and nurses and ground support forces in the Army Air Force who kept the machines running and the supplies delivered and the necessary supplies were vital to the success of the US Armed Forces in WWII. I was thrilled when I came across this photo of a dedicated mechanic keeping that Packard engine running smoothly in his boat. Thanks for your continued support and for the excellent posts on your blog. I appreciate all your hard work–keep it up!

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