Posted by: SJS | August 2, 2016

Ms. Roosevelt visits the PT boys

Eleanor Roosevelt on a PT boag

In this undated photograph furnished by PT Boats, Inc., First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt is seen on the deck of a PT boat happily posing for a photo with the officers and enlisted men.  The lucky PT boat is not identified but it was clearly a moment of enormous pride to welcome such a distinguished guest on board.  It had probably been months (years?) since the sailors wore their sparkling white uniforms.

Over the course of WWII, few public figures did more to boost morale than Eleanor Roosevelt.  Her bright smile, gentle nature, and towering fortitude became a source of inspiration to the troops throughout the Armed Forces of the United States.  In the postwar years, Ms. Roosevelt’s vision and powerful humanitarian spirit helped the entire world begin to recover from the conflict that took such a toll across the entire globe.

As I contemplated this photo, I wondered if my father was anywhere in the vicinity at the time of Ms. Roosevelt’s visit.  Maybe one day, I’ll find out.


  1. The documentary on the Roosevelts is worth watching on Netflix.
    We find so many interesting things on Eleanor Roosevelt.

    • That is a good recommendation, Pierre. Thanks very much.

  2. Happy Birthday Steve!

  3. The PT Boat crew pictured was from PT98, part of Ron14. My father, Omar Haugen, is pictured in the back row.

    • Kim, Thanks for your comment. How great to know that your father was in that photo with Ms. Roosevelt. Thanks for sharing this information with us. S

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