Posted by: SJS | June 27, 2016

17 photos that will make you see the 1940s differently

Through the magic of the Internet, I came across this amazing post from the blogger, The Hobo Hippie, that was featured on the blog of my fellow WWII writer, GP Cox, who does a superb job on his blog “Pacific Paratrooper.”  These joyful, expressive photos make the point that there was more going on in the 1940s than war, destruction, and loss.  This was the world in which my parents came of age and entered adulthood.  Enjoy these delightful photos.  Special thanks to GP Cox and The Hobo Hippie.





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Source: 17 photos that will make you see the 1940s differently


  1. You have a photo with a PT boat near Green Island. Is there anyway you could send that link to my site for this post where I mention them?

  2. Great photos. Although I was not alive then, these photos explain alot. I particularly like the one of the Danish explorer.

    • Dudley, Thanks very much. These photos certainly broadened my perception of the 1940s. Hope all is well up in Maine. Steve

  3. The gal in the center of the bike pic resembles the pre-surgery Norma Jean, aka Marilyn Monroe. 😉 Lover the skating picture of an America long lost. A period when everyone gave something up…

  4. I agree! Those photos gave me a new perspective on the 1940s. Thanks for your interest and support.

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