Posted by: SJS | June 21, 2016

PT support on D-Day

D-Day PT Crew

Earlier this month, on June 6th, we marked the 72nd anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Normandy.  It is not widely known that elements of the Navy’s Mosquito Fleet played a role on that momentous day.  This photograph of the crew of PT 508 of Squadron (Ron) 34 provided an escort for minesweepers in the early hours of that historic day.  As hazardous as that invasion was, the PT boats performed heroic service by helping to neutralize as many German mines as possible, paving the way for the Allied landing craft to get their troops to the beaches.

This photo from the the publication “The PT Boater” of PT Boats, Inc. (Volume 49, No. 2/Winter 1994) identifies the following crew members of PT 508:  Kneeling:  Al Reffler, Cal Whorton, and James F. Queeny II.  Second row:  Thompson, Hagen, Zagrocki (wearing his newly awarded bronze star), Permenter, and Tony Conte.  Back row:  Bob Fitzpatrick, Stan Burkott,  Martin Cunningham, and Bob Jones.  The photo caption also states that PT 508 received 5 medals.

There is a lot more to the story of the work of the PTs on D-Day and in the English Channel.  I’m hoping to go deeper into this topic to see what I can learn.  If any of my fellow PT Splinters and PT fans out there can help with this research, please weigh in on this important piece of PT history.  Some of you may know more about the crew of PT 508 and the vital work they did on D-Day.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.  Have a happy and safe summer.



  1. You’ve done a lot to help educate people about the roles the PT boats played!! Keep it up!

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