Posted by: SJS | May 29, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Seeking survivors

We pause on this solemn holiday to remember all those who died in service to our country as members of the United States Armed Forces.

In this photo, PT 189 is shown picking up survivors of the USS Orestes–a PT Tender in the South Pacific–after it was hit in a Kamikaze attack. The brave men who perished in this attack were part of the vital support team that provided the PTs with fuel, food, repairs, and other vital services on which the PT crews depended to do their jobs.  The heavy risks assumed by the Mosquito Fleet extended to every PT officer and sailor, whether on a boat, on a base or on board a PT Tender.

In the midst of this weekend’s summer festivities with family and friends, take a moment to remember the meaning of this holiday and why it is so very, very important.

Those who have served in the US Armed Forces–or who are currently serving–deserve our highest respect and deepest gratitude.  May God bless them all.


  1. So many people I’ve seen today are walking around with smiles and saying “Happy” Memorial Day and buying up their picnic and Bar-B-que items, one woman even had balloons – ugh!!!!!

    • GP, I know exactly what you mean. This day requires a certain reverence from us all. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement. Steve

  2. Thank you Steve for all your hard work to help people remember what today is all about.

    • Gary,

      I am very grateful for all your support. The deeper I have researched into my father’s WWII service and the more I have learned from you and other members of the extended PT family, the greater significance Memorial Day has acquired for me. Thanks again!


  3. Thank you! Remembrance is the word, not celebration. We remember those who have died serving our country, we don’t celebrate a holiday. I have members of the military come to my preschool, as we do a Memorial Day Remembrance. They look into the eyes of young children and the words they speak are heartfelt to everyone. Singing patriotic songs is a must.

    • You are so right! How wonderful it is that you have members of the military come to speak with your preschoolers. The words they hear from the veterans will be like seeds planted in their souls. Keep up the great work.

      • Thank you!

  4. A solemn day.

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