Posted by: SJS | April 27, 2016

Navy-Army planning on a PT

Planning for Southern France

In a fascinating photograph from PT Boats, Inc., Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal and Major General Alexander M. Patch, commanding general of the 7th Army, confer on a Higgins class PT boat approaching the newly won beaches in Southern France in the summer of 1944.

This was the summer when Red Stahley arrived in Northern Africa as part of Squadron (Ron) 15 and got his first taste of life as a PT sailor on different bases in the Mediterranean Theater.  When I come across photos like this one, my first thought is always, “Did Dad ever see these guys?”  Getting his comments on a swashbuckling character like Major General Patch would have been a real treat!

My continued thanks to PT Boats, Inc., for making photos like this one available to us as part of the annual WWII PT Boats, Bases, and Tender Calendars.  Thanks, Alyce, for your great work.




  1. This is a great photo that helps to tell the story of what was happening in a way that you just can not with words alone.

    • Dudley, You’re so right. How I would love to have heard the comments of my father and his fellow enlisted men if they witnessed this “high level strategy session” on one of their boats. Thanks! Steve

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