Posted by: SJS | March 30, 2016

PT navigator at work

In the charthouse of a Higgins model PT, an unnamed navigator is intently at work charting the course of his boat.  This photo from the 2016 calendar issued by PT Boats, Inc., provides an excellent view of the tight quarters in which the navigators did their work.  The photo also features some of the radio equipment on board.

As the son of a PT radioman, I am filled with questions about this radio–is it the type that Red Stahley and Tom Saffles used?  Perhaps some of the PT Splinters out there can help me with the finer points of PT radios and their operation.

Also, perhaps someone will recognize this sailor in the photograph taken by S. E. Garner.

Let me also put in another plug for PT Boats, Inc. of Germantown, TN which produces the annual PT Calendar.  Please check out this excellent organization and support their work on behalf of the Navy veterans of the PT Boats, Bases, and Tenders.  Thanks to their support, my journey of discovery into my father’s Navy career has surpassed my expectations and put me in contact with many, many terrific people.

Thanks, PT Boats, Inc.! Navigator in PT chart house


  1. In case you haven’t seen this – thought you might find it interesting….

    • GP, Thanks so much for sharing this information–I was not aware of the restoration of PT 305. It’s great to know that it will be brought back to life and will familiarize people with these great boats down in New Orleans. I really appreciate getting this information. Thanks again. Steve

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