Posted by: SJS | March 16, 2016

Women in WWII

As we continue through Women’s History Month, I am reblogging this excellent post on Women in WWII from my fellow WordPress Blogger, GP Cox.  His Pacific Paratrooper Blog is one of the finest sources of WWII History that I have yet discovered.  His extensive post on the service of women in WWII is superb.  I was looking in lots of places for some background on the largely untold story of women’s service and then it arrived in GP’s post.  My thanks for his continued good work!  Please keep at it, GP.


Pacific Paratrooper

untitled womenIn honor of Women’s History Month this week’s posts will be a dedication to them…..

As WWII unfolded around the globe, women were also affected. Some found themselves pressed into jobs and duties they would never have previously considered. Hitler derided Americans as degenerate for putting the women to work, but nearly 350,000 American females alone served in uniform voluntarily. A transformation of half the population, never seen before, that began evolving in the early ‘40’s and continues today.

For the WASPs, 1,830 female pilots volunteered for Avenger Field outside Sweetwater, Texas alone and it was the only co-ed air base in the U.S. These women would ferry aircraft coming off the assembly lines from the factories to the base. They acted as test pilots; assessing the performance of the planes. The WASPs were flight instructors and would shuttle officers around to the posts where they were needed. For artillery…

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  1. Thank you for for recognizing and honoring the women of WWII.

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