Posted by: SJS | March 2, 2016

Ron 4 PT boats on a training run

PT 487 and two other PT boats 0f Squadron (Ron) 4,  the training squadron based at Melville, Rhode Island, make a training run on the Hudson River.  In addition to giving the new sailors hands-on PT experience,  the training boats made Navy Day visits to towns and helped to raise money for Bond Drives.  This excellent photo furnished by PT Boats Inc. shows an aspect of the training program that all PT crewmen experienced at Melville.

Although my father didn’t talk a lot about his time at Melville, I was aware from a very young age that his training at the the “Annapolis of the Mosquito Fleet” had been pivotal for him.  Friendships that were formed or strengthened there, especially with his best buddy, Tom Saffles, carried through the rest of his Navy career in WWII.  Red Stahley was extremely proud of his training experience.  The name “Melville” always carried special significance for him–and for me as well.

Looking at this photo of the training PTs as they ply the waters of the Hudson River, it’s very easy for me to picture Red standing behind one of the guns or working the radio below deck.

PT on a traning run


  1. Thought you might want to see this……

  2. GP, This is a great piece of history–thanks so much for sharing it. The story of PT 305 is truly inspiring. I loved it. Thanks again for your continued support. Steve

  3. That is an amazing shot.

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