Posted by: SJS | January 15, 2016

PT Crewmen of Ron 27 in the Treasury Islands

Three sailors of PT 373 hold the flag of Squadron (Ron) 27 at a location in the Treasury Islands, probably in 1943.  The names of the crewmen are:  A.J. Cotten, L.H. France, and W. Matherly.  The photo was taken by Cookee Swanson.

An invasion of the Treasury Islands (part of the Solomon Islands) took place in the late fall of 1943.  The lead role in the invasion was taken by New Zealand troops.  American PTs played a supporting role in the action.

This photo was included in a print edition of the PT publication “All Hands” which was graciously sent to me by fellow splinter, Mike Nixon, whose father served with my father on PT 373 later in the war.

Whenever I come across a reference to PT 373, I carefully study the faces of the sailors, wondering if any of them crossed paths with Red Stahley or perhaps served with him at some point in Ron 27.  The PT crews rotated frequently so over the course of its service, any given PT boat saw the services of hundreds of sailors.


  1. Good luck in your search.

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    … and the PT boats were on the scene too.
    The post that follows this on, “Hatches – the PT 373 Mascot”, is also a good one!

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    • Thanks for reblogging my blog– very much appreciated. Thanks also for your good work–love the insights and laughter it generates!

  4. Thanks very much for reblogging my post from PTBoatRed, I really appreciate it. I was thrilled to discover your blog- great stuff! Thanks again. Steve S

  5. Stephen this blog is a lovely tribute to your father. Recently I’ve been preparing to co-host a discussion about Jeff Bridges and discovered he served 7 years in the Coast Reserve as did his brother Beau who did 8. I knew Lloyd Bridges served in the full time Coast Guard during the war and was wondering if you ever heard anything about his time in the service? I am enjoying your posts about your father Red and also Lt. Kennedy.

    • Lloyd, I did not know about the Lloyd Bridges and the family connection to the Coast Guard. I appreciate getting this information. I’ve always been a big fan of Lloyd, Jeff (can’t get enough of The Big Lebowski!) and Beau. My admiration of the Coast Guard has always been very strong and when I learned that it was Alexander Hamilton who brought the CG into being, my admiration just went that much higher. Thanks for passing on this information and for your support of the blog–I really appreciate it. Steve

      • No worries Steve.

      • Lloyd,

        Keep up the great work with the movie reviews! I really enjoy them and they’ve been a big help in deciding which movies are really worth seeing. Great stuff! Thanks,


      • Wow, thanks Steve. I’m glad to hear it. I was very moved by Brooklyn and Youth and I think that comes across in my reviews of them but Spotlight, The Big Short, Eye in the Sky, Deadpool, Creed and Mad Max: Fury Road are all great movies in their own right. I’m also branching out with hiking and military history posts.

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